Crystal VPN Pro for Android 2021

Crystal VPN uses state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption to Crystal VPN Pro  protect your data and protect your device. If you connect to a less secure public Wi-Fi network, you will be protected and protected from hacker attacks.

Welcome to unlock video
Connect to a VPN server from another Crystal VPN Pro country to view content that is not available to you on the streaming device. Discover new movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Comedy Central and more.

Delete blocked websites in your country. If you are unable to connect to websites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or others, connect to one of our VPN proxies and you will have instant access.
Appendix 22 Kids Cam is a very easy to use camera program for children.


Tap the screen and the image will be saved in your photo roll. With a roll of your photos, you can edit and share them just like everyone else.

Tap the screen to open the options menu, where you can select the camera you are using (for example, front or back), as well as the signal to open the table.

That’s all! Shooting can be easier. We hope you enjoyed the program and had fun.

Create a site shortcut on the home screen of your Android phone.
Quickly access websites from the Home Shortcuts home screen.

Two simple steps to create a shortcut, give the shortcut a name and a URL. That is all.

Create shortcuts to links that you can quickly access from the Home screen.

There is another quick way to create a website shortcut, you can use the Android system to create a website or a shortcut.
Share any link and select this app from the list of shared apps and it will create a shortcut for you.

Note. In Android 8, the Android system adds a small icon at the bottom right of the shortcut

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