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WhatSaga-Never allow a 15-second limit to write your short stories.

WhatSaga is a utility tool that helps you split articles over 15 seconds long into video second – 15 video clips and share them all at once!

Posting long videos on WhatsApp is easy because you don’t need to cut yourself by hand, WhatsApp will do it for you very soon and share it on WhatsApp.



The situation is getting better!

Tired of registering with other people?

What Shiga helps you to see and save all current status and share

And not just photos, videos too !.


Listening situation !!!

WhatsApp radio status comes again. Download What Shiga Today!
We’re still in beta and more to come. Support your answer with us 🙂

Now available for WhatsApp business again !. The first place to download WhatsApp Business App there !!


This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business in any way. WhatsApp is a symbol of WhatsApp Inc. No sign violations are made for this purpose.

WhatsApp Status Saver is a tool that helps you save videos, photos and memories from WhatsApp status. Now you can easily customize the post with the space command. With the App Saver app you can save your favorite videos from your chats without them notifying you. The tool also provides a guide to direct chat and text status saver. The whole status saver is completely free and it is very easy to download the site with its interesting feature which shows the shape and video location. Download the video with the service and low download status and watch it outside. This new state protector is safe, fast – and 100 free.

The Saver Saver app has the function of recording video location image and text. Save photo and video status directly to your phone. Just download the form saver and download the video, download the photos easily. Want to give a title? Then download the free WhatsApp download site right now. The News Saver app also allows you to share and post posts WhatSaga.

Direct chat

Direct communication depends on any WhatsApp profile, and helps you send direct messages to people who are not in your connection. Easy and safe to use.

Message status saver

Text is a condition that helps you copy your friends’ internal text messages

Using the free Saver WhatsApp site you can download and save the form in one step.

Advanced Settings Download Download – WhatsApp Server Settings WhatSaga

It has low download feature with simple and user friendly interface.
The atStatus Saver app lets you save shapes, photos, video GIFs and text.
AveSave videos and photos from the Voice app position directly to your mobile gallery.
Type on one to lower the space, save quickly.
OpCopy internal content files.
This is a built in direct chat b.
The location of your download is easy
AveSave and easily share photos, videos and condition files.

Do you want to protect WhatsApp photos and notes from WhatsApp status? Looking for a new status downloader app that can easily download posts? Try this Saver Saver for WhatsApp, it is one of the best app for you. Just download the Saver Saver form and save the status.

How can you maintain a position?

– Download this Saver Saver app and also you should check the status of your friends
ow Now open this app that it will check and show that the location will be revealed
ow Now see the need in the application
Open the status and click the Server button to save the status
a Get a pressed post and restore it WhatSaga


– This app does not connect to WhatsApp. It is a video and audio tool for recording conditions and editing text to be followed.
– Our application does not have any tool capability for any media position captured by the user.

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